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Hi! Welcome to my trading page. I'm really interested in trading right now, so this is a good time to write me. I mean, I'm REALLY EAGER to trade. This page was last updated on 7/11/02, so you know that this isn't an old message.
I'm pretty much always willing to trade with newbies, but you must go here to find out how.
Here is my want list. Check it out! Of course, if you want something, and you don't have anything on my want list, send me your list anyway cuz I'll probably will like something on it.

Do you have an Elliott Smith show I don't have? Is it recorded without gaps between the songs? I want it! That's right, any Elliott Smith show without gaps between tracks, I want. So drop me a line.
Also, do you have a Circulatory System show? I don't even care if it's on tape, if it's Circulatory System, I want it.

Sorry, but I had to make rules:
1. I always trade on CD, unless you have something that I have specified on my want list that I will trade for on tape.
2. Please, record using Disc At Once. If you don't know what that is, ask me.
3. Please don't write on the discs you send me. Use Post-it notes.
4. Use discs that don't suck. You know, one's where the paint doesn't chip off one side and make the other side skip.
5. Please, if you do not have set lists on your web page, I beg of you either send me a hard copy of a set list or direct me to a web site with a set list. Please. Please, please. Thanks.
6. I write detailed descriptions of the quality of each show. You should read them before trading with me! Click on the a specific show to read a detailed account of the show's quality.

If you are interested in anything, email me at

Amos, Tori
Tori Stories various 4CDs various
Y Kant Tori Read and other rarities 5/88 1CD A
"Self Gratification" Tower Theater, Philadelphia PA 5/3/96 2CDs A+
Apollo Theatre, Manchester UK 5/21/98 2CDs A
E-Center, Camden NJ 8/27/99 1CD A-

Arab Strap
The Bug Jar, Rochester NY 8/1/98 1CD A+

Badly Drawn Boy
Richard's on Richard's, Vacouver BC 11/14/00 1CD A+

Belle and Sebastian
BBC Radio Sessions and demos various 1CD A/A-
BAM! Festival, Barcelona SPAIN 9/9/97 1CD A+/A
The Supper Club, NYC New York 11/1/98 1CD B
The Supper Club, NYC New York 11/2/98 1CD B
"Bowlie Weekender", Camber Sands Holiday Centre, London UK 4/22/99 1CD A+ NO DAO
The Orpheum, Vancouver BC 9/13/01 1CD A+

Ben Folds Five
b-sides and rarities various 1CD various

The Corn Exchange, Cambridge UK 12/2/98 1CD A

Bright Eyes
40 Watt Club, Athens GA 7/18/00 1CD A
400 Bar, Minneapolis MN 7/28/00 1CD A-
Radio K Sessions, Minneapolis MN 7/30/00 1CD B+

Buckley, Jeff
Phoenician Club, Sydney Australia 6/9/95 1CD A+
The Bataclan, Paris France 9/6/95 1CD A+
Knitting Factory, New York City NY 2/4/97 1CD B+

Cat Power
Peel Sessions, UK 7/20/00 1CD A
Concorde 2, Brighton UK 8/25/01 1CD A-

Death Cab For Cutie
Sokol Underground, Omaha NE 10/16/01 1CD B
Exit/In, Nashville TN 3/9/02 1CD A+

DiFranco, Ani
1989 Early Songs 1989 1CD A
High Sierra Music Festival, Bear Valley CA 7/1/94 1CD A+
"Introspective" University Theater, Calgary AB 1/19/95 1CD A
"Call Me Delirious" Rialto Theatre, Tuscon AZ 6/5/96 2CDs A+
Tinley Park, Chicago IL 8/28/97 1CD A
Fargo Civic Auditorium, Fargo ND 2/10/98 1CD A-
"Folk Hero" Osaka, Japan 3/21/98 1CD A+
Jim Hightowers Chat and Chew, Austin TX 10/6/98 CD
3 Stools Tour, Madison Civic Center, Madison WI 3/8/00 2CD's A
Thomas Wolfe Auditorium. Asheville NC 9/12/00 1CD B+/B

Dismemberment Plan
Crocodile Cafe, Seattle WA 2/26/00 1CD A+

Drake, Nick
Tanworth in Arden 1967 2CD's ungraded, read description

Dunnery, Francis
Welcome to the Wild Country N/A1CD
One Night in Souchiehall StreetN/A1CD
Mercury Lounge, NYC New York 4/3/96 2CDs
Tin Angel, Philadelphia PA 8/14/99 1CD

Hatfield, Juliana
Knitting Factory, New York City NY 2/14/97 1CD A

Harvey, PJ
"Live Goes the Night" Glastonbury, England 6/24/95 1CD A

Magnetic Fields
Bowery Ballroom, New York City NY 5/21/99 1CD A-/B+
Aladdin Theatre, Portland OR 9/22/99 1CD B+/B

McKeown, Erin
Temple Bar, Santa Monica CA 7/11/01 1CD A+

Moxy Fruvous
Amherst College, Amherst MA 5/2/98 1CD
The Bottom Line, NYC NY (early set) 1/1/99 1CD

Neutral Milk Hotel
Cat's Cradle, Carrboro NC 3/4/98 1CD A+/A
Bottom of the Hill, San Francisco CA 4/11/98 1CD B+
Accelarator Tradgarn, Goteborg Sweden 8/19/98 1CD B+

Mississippi Nights, St. Louis MO 1CD A+
Vic Theatre, Chicago IL 1CD B+

Phair, Liz
Warfield Theatre, Fan Francisco CA 12/1/93 1CD A
Wiltern Theater, Los Angeles CA 4/11/95 1CD A-

Bottom of the Hill, San Francisco CA 5/18/98 1CD A

B-Side Androids Volume 2 various 1CD
"Moonstruck" Utrecht, Holland 6/24/97 1CD
Glastonbury Festival, England 6/28/97 1CD
Goffert Park, Nijmegen, Holland 9/16/00 2CDs A+
Victoria Park, Chesire Warrington ENGLAND 10/2/00 2CD's A+

Red House Painters
KCRW Morning Becomes Eclectic, Santa Monica CA 10/18/96 1CD A

Sean Na Na
University of Rochester, Rochester NY 4/10/99 1CD A+

The Shins
Rudyards, Houston TX 11/15/01 1CD A+

Smith, Elliott
Umbra Penumbra, Portland OR 9/17/94 1CD B+
Terrace Club, Princeton NJ 4/12/97 1CD A
Brownies, New York City NY 4/14/97 1CD B/B-
EJ's, Portland OR 5/15/97 1CD A- No DAO
Knitting Factory, New York City NY 9/7/97 1CD B+/B
Greenstreet Grille, Cambridge MA 1/4/98 1CD A-
La Luna, Portland OR 1/14/98 1CD B+ No DAO
Largo, Los Angeles CA 4/11/98 2CD's A-/B+
Black Cat, Washington DC 4/17/98 1CD A- No DAO
Pontiac Grille, Philadelphia PA 4/18/98 1CD A+
La Luna, Portland OR 5/16/98 1CD A-/B+
Bottom of the Hill, San Francisco CA 5/18/98 1CD A+
Studion, Stockholm Sweden 6/2/98 1CD A
400 Club, Minneapolis MN 10/10/98 1CD A-
400 Club, Minneapolis MN 10/11/98 1CD A+/A
Satyricon, Portland OR 2/26/99 1CD A
Troubadour, Los Angeles CA 3/6/99 1CD A
Wesbeth Theatre, New York, NY 3/27/99 1CD A-
The Roxy, Boston MA 3/29/99 1CD A
Yo Yo A Go Go, Olympia WA 7/17/99 1CD B
Satyricon, Portland OR 10/14/99 1CD A-
Black Cat, Washington DC 2/20/00 1CD A
Middle East, Cambridge MA 2/24/00 1CD A-
The Empty Bottle, Chicago IL 2/26/00 1CD B
Satyricon, Portland OR 2/29/00 1CD A-
Bottom of the Hill, San Francisco CA 3/1/00 1CD A+/A
La Boule Noir, Paris France 4/3/00 1CD A
Lupo's Heartbreak Hotel, Providence RI 5/16/00 1CD A+/A
Metro, Chicago IL 5/26/00 1CD A
The Palace, Los Angeles CA 6/7/00 1CD A-/B+
Gothenburg Festival, GERMANY 7/4/00 1CD A
Bumbershoot, Seattle WA 9/2/00 1CD B
Schlachthof, Hamburg GERMANY 9/20/00 1CD A
Nita's Hideaway, Tempe AZ 10/16/00 1CD B+
Asheville Music Zone, Asheville NC 10/24/00 1CD A-
Avalon, Boston MA 10/28/00 1CD A
Southgate House, Newport KY 11/2/00 1CD A- No DAO
Roseland Theatre, Portland OR 11/10/00 1CD A

Songs: Ohia
New Blookland Tavern, Columbia SC 3/12/99 1CD A+
The Lift, Brighton UK 9/12/00 1CD C+
013 Club, Tilburg Holland 10/9/00 2CD's A-
The 3rd Floor, Wilmington NC 4/8/02 1CD A+

Vega, Suzanne
Rockefellers, Houston TX 7/11/85 1CD

White Stripes
John Peel Sessions (BBC), Maida Vale Studios, London UK 11/??/01 1CD A
London Forum, London UK 12/6/01 1CD A+

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